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AuthorTopic: Installing vSphere on Cisco UCS C-Series servers  (Read 3595 times)

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« on: 02, 12, 2013, 15:01:38 »
Installing vSphere on Cisco UCS C-Series servers

To configure the CIMC:

Install the Flexible Flash Card in the server.
Rack the UCS server and plug a network cable into the management port.
Power it on.
Press F8 to configure the CIMC information (IP address, password, etc.).
From a computer on the same network, open a browser and connect to the CIMC using the IP address assigned in step 3.
Go to Servers | Inventor | Storage to see the Flex Flash Storage Adapters.
Click Configure Operational Profile and then put a check next to the virtual drives you'd like to enable (i.e., the HV drive).
To install ESXi:

Click Launch The KVM from the CIMC.
In the KVM window, click Virtual Media.
Click Add and browse to where you've downloaded your Cisco Custom ESXi .iso file and then put a checkmark next to it so it's mapped as the Virtual CD/DVD.
Click back to the Monitor tab and then click Macros. Select the Ctrl-Alt-Del macro to reboot the server.
Press F6 as the server is rebooting to change the boot device to the Virtual CD/DVD.
Install ESXi as you normally would, but make sure to install it to the HV drive (not to the local drives).
When the install is complete, unmap the Virtual CD/DVD and reboot the server using the macro again.
Press F6 to change the boot device to the HV drive, and it should now boot to the familiar yellow and gray ESXi screen.