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AuthorTopic: Upgrade firmware Manic Moose for BRYSTON BDP-2  (Read 6563 times)

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« on: 14, 09, 2014, 13:20:03 »
What is Manic Moose?

Manic Moose will be the third major firmware release for Bryston's digital player line up (BDP-1 & BDP-2).  The first was Canadian Beaver (S0) and the second being Loony Loon (S1).  This new iteration will be based on a minimal build of the Debian Wheezy Linux distribution and will contain a number of enhancements based on what worked in the previous major releases and what didn't work.

Why is this post?

To keep BDP customers informed on the status of the project and to get customer input.

How do I get Manic Moose?
In the event the update fails you'll want to make sure your able to take the top off of your unit, to do this you'll need a torx 8 screw driver and some patients/muscles as those screws are really on there.  You'll also need a compact flash card reader to reflash the CF card inside of the BDP that contains the firmware, instructions on how to do this can be found from this link:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/86196657/DOCS/BDP%20image%20Mac%20OS%20X.pdf (Pages 3 & 4)
Its software thats still in early development, things are bound to go wrong!

These instructions should provide you with everything to install manic moose without taking your BDP apart.

Once you have manic moose installed you'll likely want to upgrade to the latest build, the link below explains how to do this

-increase reliability and stability (S&B) of the core firmware
-implement Shairplay a open source project to emulate an audio airplay access point
-compile complete builds of MPD 0.16.8 and 0.17.5
-implement DSD over USB to DSD enabled DAC's
-implement a upnp renderer for audio
-expand upon the BDP's NAS connectivity, add support for NFS & AFP
-rebuild and design the BDP's web interface based on a combination of Ajax and Web Sockets (web design is currently being worked on by web designers out sourced from Ottawa.  A basic interface incorporating web sockets has been started)(Current Focus)
-The ability to munipulate tag and album data from with in the web interface.
-Memory Player, when a dvd or bluray drive is attached to the BDP it will have the ability to playback audio from cd's, dvd's and blurays (BOT).  Rather then playing the content from the original media, the content would be copied to system memory or mass storage for playback.
-Automatically generate playlists based on most recently added songs and most commonly played songs

-Web Interface to play back audio files not in MPD's database
-Option to turn on auto update
-Avahi/MPD Compatibility
-Calculate and compare checksum of audio files to online database and/or history to ensure integrity of audio files
-Option to not display currently playing song info from web interface so the settings from the front panel is still accessible

Web Interface that acts like a wizard:
1. you select your songs from your library (create the playlist)
2. select playback options (repeat, shuffle, consume)
3. display the playlist with the cover art

* Playlist support, save playlists to USB drives and a more advanced editor
* ReplayGain as an option in MPD settings
* Backup/synchronization software (rsync) between drives and network shares.
* btrfs filesystem support
* sort songs by resolution
* Support for multiple images in a folder - mostly for the max interface unless you can influence the iOS/android app devs to support the basic names cover, front, back, folder.
* Allow the user to select the preferred cover art name.  Typically the current ripping/tagging programs I use is configured can provide cover, front, back, spine and folder versions and can even provide multiple versions (cover (1).jpg cover (2).jpg).
* Configurable location for album art files.

Objectives Completed
-(S&B), moved user data from image file to a separate partition on the internal flash drive.  Our original idea however Canadian Beaver would kernel panic during start up if there was a second partition on the same drive.  After revisiting this option with Manic Moose didn't have the same issue and we where able to come up with a perl script to re-partition the existing flash drive using a usb thumb drive.  This allows us to keep the partition holding the firmware in a read only state at all times, except during firmware upgrades.
-AirPlay with selectable output devices (shairplay project)
-MPD 0.17.5 configured as below with DSD support
-MPad and mPod self discovery working, turns out you also need to create a mpd services file
-ng-usbmount utility, rewritten to use different techniques for identifying supported filesystems and tested with NTFS with mbr, hfs plus with mbr, hfs plus with guid, fat32, exfat, ext3 and ext4
-ng-brystonpanel, added a new sub menu to go along with drives, playlist and settings; there is now a playback menu that allows users to toggle repeat, random, consume, single, clear the playlist, force a global update of MPD and to switch between an advance/basic version of the drive menu. drive menu (used for selecting music for playback) is being changed around abit to hopefully make it a bit easier to use

Current Work:

-integrating new web interface as pictured below, once we get a bit further into this and develop a method to allow customers to load firmwares from loony loon and manic moose when we begin releasing public beta's.  Also you may wish to invest in a cf card reader and torx 8 screw driver in case something goes wrong.

MPD 0.17.5 Config

########### MPD CONFIGURATION ############

Archive support:
   (+bzip2) (+ISO9660) (-ZIP)
Autodiscovery support:
   (+Avahi) (-Bonjour)
Client support:
   (+IPv6) (+TCP) (+UNIX Domain Sockets)
File format support:
   (+AAC) (+C64 SID) (+FFMPEG) (+FLAC) (-FluidSynth) (-GME) (+libsndfile)
   (-MikMod) (-MODPLUG) (+MAD) (+MPG123) (+MP4) (+Musepack)
   (-OggTremor) (+OggVorbis) (-WAVE) (+WavPack) (-WildMidi)
Other features:
   (+libsamplerate) (+inotify) (-SQLite)
Metadata support:
Playback support:
   (+ALSA) (-FFADO) (+FIFO) (+File Recorder) (+HTTP Daemon) (-JACK)
   (+libao) (-Media MVP) (+OSS) (-OpenAL) (-OS X) (-Pipeline)
   (-PulseAudio) (-ROAR) (+SHOUTcast) (-Solaris) (-WinMM)
Streaming encoder support:
   (+FLAC) (+LAME) (+Ogg Vorbis) (-TwoLAME) (+WAVE)
Streaming support:
   (+CDIO_PARANOIA) (+CURL) (+Despotify) (+Last.FM) (+Soundcloud)
   (-MMS) (+SOUP)


Where  we go next is up in he air, but these are our current priorities. Additional objectives will be added as I remember them and as suggestions are posted.


Reference : http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=119878.0

BRYSTON ERROR CODE : http://bryston.com/PDF/Other/BDP-ERROR-CODES.pdf

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